2009 started off right!

So my friends, I arose from bed this morning feeling cranky and unloved due to this major head cold I have developed to end 2008, and welcome in 2009 with. I was having coffee with -M- when all of the sudden he showed me how engorged his shaft was! I looked at him and said why do men want blow jobs when women are sick and can’t breathe because of their colds? -M- then informed me he just wanted a kiss on the tip, and my panties I wore from yesterday. I promptly got up from my chair and obliged him with both requests, then I sat back and began to watch the performance, as I watched him drift away, I asked him what he was thinking, and -M- replied that he was thinking about my bare bottom being exposed as I was bent over with his fingers entering my pleasure palace, so once again if I can make any of his fantasies come true, then it is my duty to do so as his wife…and believe me it is a duty I look forward too! So like I said my friends, 2009 is going to be a great year!



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