2009 started off right!

So my friends, I arose from bed this morning feeling cranky and unloved due to this major head cold I have developed to end 2008, and welcome in 2009 with. I was having coffee with -M- when all of the sudden he showed me how engorged his shaft was! I looked at him and said why do men want blow jobs when women are sick and can’t breathe because of their colds? -M- then informed me he just wanted a kiss on the tip, and my panties I wore from yesterday. I promptly got up from my chair and obliged him with both requests, then I sat back and began to watch the performance, as I watched him drift away, I asked him what he was thinking, and -M- replied that he was thinking about my bare bottom being exposed as I was bent over with his fingers entering my pleasure palace, so once again if I can make any of his fantasies come true, then it is my duty to do so as his wife…and believe me it is a duty I look forward too! So like I said my friends, 2009 is going to be a great year!



Wow! What a year!

Hello, I am sorry that I haven’t been blogging for awhile. It has been pretty busy around here, and before that I was upset with -M-, and didn’t want to blog about our strife. -M- however informed me life is not always about fun and love, it also has the ups and downs that make us who we are.  2008 was a pretty good year for us. As a family unit, we became closer, in most ways. Our 26 year old has special needs, and even though he is 26, his mental status is that of a 15 year old, so we have a teenager in a mans body, which is a struggle at times. He lost his job due to layoffs, and trying to get him out to job hunt is another story! He informs me that the whole state is on a hiring freeze! gosh mom! don’t you watch the news? we are in a recession! My little sister tried to commit suicide, and decided that I needed to mother her! She has been in the same treatment center twice for alcohol, and finally she was diagnosed with bipolar, and just maybe if we pray hard enough, her life will calm down. -M- and I built a green house, so we can grow beauty!    We have worked so hard on our property, I ended up hurting both shoulders this year and has steroid shots in both sholders which decided to settle in my face, and everyone says..oh my gosh! your face is so swollen! yeah that makes me feel really good about myself. We had abeautiful Thanksgiving, and Christmas this year, it was the first time -M- took 3 weeks off and spent the time with me…it was beautiful, and I only got spanked during this time twice! I meet a wonderful friend due to my blog, and have thoroughly enjoyed e-mailing each other back and forth.

For 2009, I am going to share more stories with you on my punishments, and routines, and when -M- decides to shame me for a punishment instead of spankings.  I am so looking forward to 2009!

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt so in love with another that you actually thought you just might die, because it hurts so good?

Have you ever felt so comforted by your hand tucked into your man’s hand, that even when there is so much wrong in the world, that you know your world is right?

Have you ever been so startled by the look of love and passion in your husband eyes, and it is just for you?

I am feeling this way now, and I feel like this most every day. My husband stayed up late into the night and visited with me, for me. He chose to stay and linger over a cup of coffee with me this morning even though he had more important things to do. Yes my friends I am addicted to my man, and it is an addiction so powerful meer words can’t describe. even is my most severe punishments, I feel the power of his love. I feel like, I could only fly, if he were my wings, I could only sing, if he were my voice, I feel like we share the same soul. Right now there is so much darkness in my life, but I still see clearly the path that lay ahead of me, because -M- is my light, and he shines so brightly, that I can see clearly, with me that is a must, because I am so clumsy!!



Today’s Spanking

Okay so today I received quite the spanking from -M-. My bottom is still sore from his hand, but I did ask for it! -M- and I had a talk this morning and I told him I was out of control, and he needed to do his job, and put me back in line, you see I hurt myself pretty bad awhile back and -M- couldn’t spank me for fear that he would do more damage, all of which I love him for!  We haven’t even really had our lovin time…sad face. I was just talking with him on the phone, when he informed me that I was in for another spanking tonight, startled by this I asked him why? I did my chores, and haven’t been disrespectful, as a matter of fact I have been pretty darn submissive!  He response was: BECAUSE I CAN! nothing left to say about that. I am one lucky girl to be loved like I am!!  Storm

Thank you

To the woman who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my picture.  My husband loves to tie me up! We consider it a very beautiful form of art.

Ouch! Did I need that spanking?

There are several types of spankings in our home. I would like to share with you these types and why they happen.

1.  Discipline – Honey that’s 1. This is the most common one in our home. I get 3 warnings to behave, then I go to my room when told and pick my punishment paddle. They are usually less than 20 swats, and leave me with a very red and warm bottom. Some  reasons for this type of punishment may include: unfinished list, sassy, thinking I wear the pants in the family ect… When done I am held with tenderness, my tears are brushed away, and it leaves me feeling wanted protected, loved, and very submissive.

2. Discipline OUCH!  This happens only occasionally in our home. No warnings…pull up your skirt, or down with your pants…depending on what I am wearing that day, his hand on my exposed bottom. Slap…Sting. Slap.. Sting…wiggle. Slap …Sting…Wiggle…Anger.  Slap… Sting …Wiggle…Anger…Tears.  Slap…Sting…Tears…Begging him to stop. Slap my ass is on fire…tears, Slap…tears….The end result is a very bruised and sore bottom. -M- know from experience that after these I do not want to be coddled, or held until I am ready, so he leaves me alone to process things in my mind until I am okay with my punishment. Some reasons for this type of spanking could be: Out right disrespect. Me being completely out of control.

3. Sexual Spanking….DO I NEED TO SAY MORE!

4. I need this please: This is my most needed, and special spankings of all. This spanking routine is very methodical, and extremely cleansing. Here is how it happens: 1. I put my Blue October Foiled cd on and crank it! I light candles in our bedroom, I undress and stand completely naked. My mind is at ease, because I know what the end result will be. I am excited to start and lay on the bed and wait for my husband. The music fills my ears, the words I so relate to flood my mind, and open my heart and soul. I would only be this exposed to one man only….my man. He enters our bedroom with the flogger, and with the beat of the music that is playing he begins. -M- starts at my back, and works his way down to my feet, then back up, with each pass of little slaps becoming harder and harder until I am wailing. I control everything that happens to me, I tell him harder or softer, or which spot to linger on. I may sing with the words of the song that is playing, or I may drift away staring into the candle light. Thoughts leave my mind, my heart opens up, and I cleanse my soul. The end result is I am a woman with a clear mind, refreshed attitude, and completely at ease. Some of the reasons for this: Completely overwhelmed, insecure feelings, tragedy in my life.

I love my husband …..my lover……my friend…my man. 


Why I believe….

I am fairly new to “DD” and HOH, and cannot believe I didn’t start this kind of lifestyle 20 years ago, I have always been fairly submissive, and out of control….this is where -M- enters my life, and takes over. It makes more sense to me, to let go of the stresses in life that only the hoh should be concerned with. -M- takes with power, strength, sternness….and gives with love, kindness, and compassion….He is a man’s man, he is my man.